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With the best sign-up offer around and an excellent player experience, Cool Hand Poker is the best site to play if your aim is to play poker for pleasure. Play for free or with real money and stand a chance of winning and if your game needs a bit of work, then check out the Poker School. Before long you’ll be playing like a champ!


Where good times roll and poker is played for pleasure.

Cool Hand Poker is the site to visit if you want to play a relaxed and enjoyable game of poker without any of the pressures and issues associated with most other online poker rooms.

New to Poker? The Cool Hand Poker School will take you through the rules, rankings and strategy and the software allows you to practice at freeplay tables first until you are more confident to play at a real table with real money. Playing at Cool Hand Poker will turn you into a poker enthusiast in no time and soon you’ll know your straight from your flush and bluff your way into the money!

With a range of Texas Hold’em game options including various Freeroll, Single and Multi-Table Tournaments, you’ll be sure to find the right table for the best experience.

Besides learning the lingo, getting top tips, competing for top honours on the leader board and boosting your bluffing skills in a fun and safe environment, you will also share in the bounty of promotional prizes and loyalty rewards that are up for grabs.

A one-of-a-kind sign-up bonus will give you a total of $350 free! This bonus is a 100% match on all purchases unlike other poker rooms who only match the first purchase. What better reason could you possibly need to join? Do it now!

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